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Students will show respect to the teacher, fellow classmates, themselves, and to all their properties. Students are responsible for their behavior. Students will be expected to:

  • Come to class, on time, prepared to learn with required supplies and completed assignments
  • Listen and follow directions
  • No cellular phone charging and/or use unless instructed by the teacher
  • Use appropriate language at all times and at a reasonable volume
  • Ask questions to clarify information/direction
  • Use classroom materials correctly and with care
  • Keep the classroom neat and orderly
  • The Shivela Middle School Discipline Policy outlined in the student handbook and posted in the classroom will be followed.


Some homework can be expected during the school week - what is not completed in class, will be homework. Assignments should be completed by the assigned due date for best success. During the class day, I can  address any questions on the previous night's homework or an e-mail can be sent to me asking questions and/or requesting clarification during the next class. Assignments for the entire week will be posted on the board every Monday. Students should write down their assignments, in their Agenda or notebook, for the week on Monday. All classwork and homework should be completed in the student's science notebook (this will be an online portfolio).  Each student will check and complete their own assignment list for their homework before each quiz/test. The pre-compiled Assignment List of items in their notebook is due around the day of the quiz/test with all items listed attached.  The completed assignments are good references for studying for tests/quizzes.  For the best success, all work should be completed on time.


When a student is absent, they need to check Canvas for their missing work.  If needed, a copy of the assignment can be obtained from me. All work for that week is located on the front board. It is the student’s responsibility to get any work that was missed during their absence. Students can obtain information from my Haiku page, my website, other students, and/or myself. Students have one school day for each day missed to make-up any work. All quizzes and/or tests will be taken upon the return of the student to class. If the students will be absent for a prolonged period of time, please contact me and/or the school to make proper arrangements.  At anytime if you and/or your student has any questions, please e-mail me at twaddleton@murrieta.k12.ca.us .

 Grading Policy

Students will receive grades based on the following:

  • Homework/Class work (Practice) (20%)
  • Quizzez/Tests/Projects/Labs (Assessments) (80%)

Up- to-date student grades will be frequently updated on ABI (on-line grade notification system used by MVUSD). Parents and/or guardians are notified of updates through email (if you choose to sign up for this service), but grades can be checked from home any time. A password and username will be given to your student to bring home within the first couple of weeks of school.  If your student has previously been given a password and username, those will remain the same.  Please contact the school for assistance in obtaining this service if you do not receive paper with a password and username for your student.

ABI Grade Codes that sometimes need clarification:      1) NP= Not Proficient (Not Passing-Received Below 50%) (49.99%)      2)  m= Missing (39.99%)

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