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8th Grade Science


During this year, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for 8th grade science will be fully implemented – all California standards required for 8th grade science will be covered in this course. These standards include Performance Expectations, Disciplinary Core Ideas, Cross-Cutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices. Students will be prepared for high school level science course work by the end of the school year.

The topics being covered this year are: Forces and Energy, Waves and Fields, Evolution and Genetics, and Space Systems. Students will be required to maintain an ePortfolio through OneNote, which will contain notes, class assignments, lab work, homework assignments, and projects. I would recommend your student to carry a spiral notebook, just for science, to be able to put in any work that hasn't been able to be put into digital form during class. Your student’s ePortfolio will be a good resource for labs, quizzes, and tests! Various projects will be assigned throughout the year.

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